Discover the beautiful Portuguese islands Azores with us!


With this guide you'll discover our favorite spots in Azores. It's like paradise on earth and one of the most magical places we've ever been to. We love nature and the Azores islands were therefore a wonderful destination for us. We'd like to share with you our experiences and adventures. Who knows maybe it will inspire some of you too. Our goal was to see as much as possible, but to visit every island, we'd have needed more than two weeks. Our trip started in Faial (3 nights, with a day trip to Pico), we flew to Flores afterwords (4 nights) and included a day trip to Corvo. And than we stayed 7 days on the biggest and most diverse island São Miguel.


Taste of Portugal was founded by Liliana Belchior in 2016. She grew up in Portugal and Switzerland. Her heart and soul has its place equally in both countries. Our mission is to offer happiness through Portuguese crafts and design. We further see ourselves as an online meeting point for creative minds with a passion for travel, design, stories and recipes. Join us and spread some Portuguese love through!


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