Wooden toys from Algarve

When I was a child, I loved doing all kind of crafts. Inventing things was the best ever. I remember my grandfather letting me play with all his tools in his worshop. I spent hours saying, nailing and glueing things together. My parents always crafted with me too. And before buying something, we always tried to build it ourselves. They still do all sort of things at home and for us children (my mum is our private fashion factory).

I'm now in that age where my friends are having children. Some of them are very crafty, others would be but don't know how to start and others simply are not. I have the opinion that you don't have to be a craft crack to build things with your children and to show them the value of things.

I came across the brand Só Algarve who loves Portuguese handcraft, specially the one from Algarve, and wants to promote it with their online shop. They sell these beautiful wooden toys that I remember seing as a child (but I never had). They are not coloured. So an idea came to my mind. If you're not the builder, you can for example simply buy a wooden toy (with no colours and anything) and let your child play with its imagination and colour it up. And the wooden toys by Só Algarve can be painted. I love this idea so much that I would love to colour them now for myself!

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Images © Só Algarve