Villa Extramuros

Over 3.5 years ago we discovered Villa Extramuros for the first time. We actually arrived there and were convinced that we had the wrong address. The modern building with a clear Portuguese handwriting was impressing, the surroundings beautiful and when we took a glimpse at the interior through the window, we almost couldn't believe that this was the place we booked.

However, it was the right address. François, one of the owners, friendly welcomed us in their home. Mike and I fell in love with Villa Extramuros and I decided on that same day to start with my heart project Taste of Portugal.

We've been wanting to visit Villa Extramuros in winter for a long time and finally made it in December 2019. We decided to spend our last days of 2019 in one of the Cabanons (jaune) in Villa Extramuros. The arrival was as amazingly surprising as last time. Villa Extramuros was surrounded by a beautiful green scenery and looked simply magical in the warm winter afternoon sun. We enjoyed our welcome tea and coffee on the living room terrace before heading to our Cabanon Jaune.

Arriving at Villa Extramuros with a beautiful sunset

Amazing taste for interior details

This check-in reception already makes us happy

The Cabanons are contemporary independent bungalows, located between olive trees and rocks, at short distance from the main Villa (2 minutes walk). The bungalows are beautifully embedded in their natural surroundings thanks to their facade made out of cork.

In Switzerland, we're very spoiled when it comes to warm houses. In Portugal, it's still the exception to have a cozy warm home. All of the hotels and places we share here on Taste of Portugal have a heating system as we don't want you to be freezing on your winter holidays in Portugal. The Cabanons of Villa Extramuros are not only warm and cozy. They are also unique in their interior. The decoration of the junior suites is “eco-pop”, with a mix of natural materials, local handcraft, furniture and art inspired by the 1960′s. Each Cabanon is designed with a dominant color : one red, one yellow. Our Cabanon Jaune was truly our happy place with all its tasteful and modern yellow design and art pieces. Mike loves big (hotel) rooms. And I love a room with character. Therefore, the Cabanon Jaune was the perfect fit for us.

We had our little private terrace (all the Cabanons have one) with a spectacular view over the olive tree fields. Sitting outside at 17 degrees in winter and soaking all that vitamin D in, felt like heaven. We didn't even want to leave for dinner. And in fact, if you don't feel like to, you don't have to. The Cabanon Jaune has a kitchenette. So, if you're thinking of visiting Portugal with a little child and want to stay at a design hotel, this is the right place. Kids are welcome and in the Cabanons they can cry all night long without the other guests being looking at you reproachful the next morning at breakfast.

Our Cabanon Jaune with its stunning green surrounding

The view from our Cabanon Jaune

Magical evenings

The breakfast (actually it's more like a brunch) is served by the owners François and Jean-Christophe. They will pamper you with homemade sweets and jam, regional honey , freshly pressed orange juice from their own orange trees and many more delicacies. And the bread, oh my! I love the toasted traditional bread from Alentejo and Algarve - it tastes like home to me!

Living room and where breakfast is served in traditional Alentejo pottery on colder days

If you want to explore the surroundings we suggest you to buy our eGuide Taste of Alentejo. Otherwhise, François and Jean-Christophe can also help you with great and secrete tips.

We had a wonderful goodbye to 2019 at one of our favorite places in Portugal. And we will come back for a third time for sure. Muito obrigado François and Jean-Christophe for having us in your tasteful home.

Até breve!

Contemporary Portuguese architecture in morning and evening light

Cork facade in the sunlight and in the shadow

Pool area

Patio at Villa Extramuros and where breakfast is served on warmer days

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