Taste of Portugal on Swiss Waters

Portugal is the third largest foreign population in Switzerland but for long many Swiss people didn't even know that or they didn't notice the rather quiet and shy Portuguese. One year after I founded Taste of Portugal (2016), Portugal became a trend travel destination. Suddenly, everyone wanted to discover this unknown country. Traveling through Portugal is a very authentic and unique experience. We specially love the diversity of nature and the kindness and helpfulness of the Portuguese.

Another reason to visit Portugal is its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Portuguese are very pride cookers (and eaters). It's in our genes to serve you only the best. Therefore, I was very happy when I heard about the culinary boat "Taste of Portugal Schiff" on the lake of Zurich.

" The Portuguese community is so big in Switzerland and we have so many Portuguese working for ZSG. So we thought that it was time to give them some space to promote their country and to experience their culinary world. "

– Wiebke Sander, Head of Marketing & Communiation, Zürichsee Schifffahrt (ZSG)

Waiting for departure. Table setting in Portuguese colours.

We were lucky to be on their first cruise on July 2nd. We had a wonderful evening with traditional Portuguese dishes. The food was authentic and served on the inside of the boat. But you can easily take your food to the outside and enjoy your meal there too. We did it for desert and enjoyed our traditional custard pastry "Pastel de Nata" and a romantic sunset.

I grew up by the Atlantic Ocean in Algarve and by the lake of Zurich. So, I need water around me. To enjoy a Portuguese meal on calm Swiss waters was therefore a beautiful experience. The only thing missing was a bit of Fado music. Specially when the sun started to shine in its orange, red colours it would have been just magical. The crew was friendly (and partly Portuguese), the decoration was simple but made with love. I'd say it was a pleasant evening with Portuguese modesty.

Menu picture by Zürichsee Schifffahrt

Next cruises:

August 13, 2021

September 24, 2021

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