Table for two by Dá Licença

Are you an art enthusiast, collector or admirer? If so, you must stay at Dá Licença once in your life! We discovered this amazing place just right before we departed for our winter adventure in Algarve and Alentejo and had already booked our stay in other stunning places. But Franck and Vitor where so kind to invite us to their house and show us their breathtaking home and guesthouse with an incredible art and design collection. You'll find a detailed article about the concept and makers in our article from December.

Franck and Vitor are not only passionate about art and design. They love to host and spoil their guests with their «Table for two» dinner concept too. Actually this is only reserved to guests staying at their guesthouse. We're very thankful that they made an exception for us. But no worries, soon they will open their own restaurant next to the guesthouse, serving lunch and dinner. Everything is ready, with equipment that would make many a chef envious. We're curious to know who will be lucky enough to head the kitchen.

«Table for two» is a very special concept. Franck and Vitor wanted to offer their guest privacy but at the same time have an open or connected space. So, they built spacious but cosy and silent niches where you can enjoy breakfast or as said have dinner. It's also very romantic! We took place in a very special niche - we actually sat at a Rudolph Steiner table on Rudolph Steiner chairs. We had our very own "Swiss" niche. The waiter was excellent, very friendly and professional. Each dish was delicious and accompanied by wine from just around the corner. And guess who the cook was? Vitor! Well, he truly is a man of many talents. Vitor managed to serve contemporary dishes but with a very traditional Portuguese taste. We loved it! We'd like to share with you some delicacies of Vitor and hope that we'll soon be sitting in their future restaurant and enjoying being spoiled.

Thank you Franck and Vitor and all the best for your projects!

Cream of purple cabbage with thin sausage slices of black pork from Alentejo

Creamy cheese (sheep), fennel shoots, nuts, honey and oregano from Dá Licença

Octopus served on a carrot puree and salad

Pork loin from Alentejo, mashed potatoes and vegetables from the garden

Flowery "Air bag" with orange orchard cream

Homemade persimmon ice cream and chocolate truffles

Pictures by Dá Licença

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