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When it comes to Interior Design, I don’t like to do any compromises. That’s maybe why our home and office is still in the making or let’s say a bit too minimal. For a long time, I had no courage to do something with colour. I kept it simple, neutral in earthy tones. But lately I feel the need to colour up our lives at home and at Taste of Portugal. I will never go for crazy but I’d like to leave the minimal style and try to bring more emotions to our walls.

I’m not an Interior Designer but I love playing with design and my Pinterest collection is growing for over 10 years now. While researching for remodeling our kitchen and office, I’ve found the work of Joana Astolfi an artist, architect and designer born in Lisbon.

I specially love her sense for colours and textures, for materials and atmosphere. Somehow, she manages to enlighten a space and give it a silent but strong character. Her work for Cantinho do Avillez at Parque das Nações (restaurant) is simply beautiful and was a huge inspiration for my upcoming work for our home and Taste of Portugal office.

Joana likes to play with time and objects with a history. She says:

"When I was a young girl I used to collect old photographs and invent the stories of the characters in the photos. My favorite toy was the Viewmaster: I used to spend hours traveling that world of images. I made drawings on top of old paintings and photos that I found in my grandmother’s house, never on blank sheets of paper - those scared me (and still do today)! I wrote love letters to my boyfriends on my grandfather’s old typewriter… Today I continue to collect secondhand objects that I find in flea markets, old shops and abandoned houses… I like to stroll through the streets of Lisbon’s downtown district. I love the smell of bakeries, I love old hair salons and carpentry shops. I love to sit at the counters of typical downtown bars and hear the stories that older people have to share."

Starting from Joana’s creative vision, Studio Astolfi is a team of artists, architects, and technicians who specialize in telling stories, evoking memories, and captivating the curiosity of our audiences.

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