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Porcelain is a material with a very strong character and presence in the cultural history of Portugal, it is a material that is transformed by a process of constant experimentation, and which, despite being a traditional material, allows a contemporary language. It's on this expression that Sömmer is born – a Portuguese jewelry brand, which excels in minimalism and delicacy.

From the studio in Ericeira, 30 min from Lisbon, each piece is designed and elaborated with great care, patience and precision by the hands of Sofia, the heart behind Sömmer.

"I believe that the hands are the heart of the craftsman".

– Brand creator Sofia Bártolo

Jewelry is imbued with meaning. As a symbol of memory or personal expression, it is, by its nature, a simple and beautiful way to complement an outfit.

Similar to a book or painting, a jewel can evoke a feeling, as it contains a narrative in itself. This story, carved by artisan hands, is immersed in love from the first moment. It is a reflection of passion, time and dedication. Thus, Sömmer jewels contain a love story that begins in the studio and continues to be written by the recipient.

Using noble materials – such as porcelain and liquid gold – in a process that is always unpredictable and unique, Sömmer is characterized by a feminine and unique style and universe. They are elegant and timeless jewels, created one by one, manually, over a slow fire.

The manufacturing process of these pieces starts with a raw porcelain bar, which will be worked to prevent the appearance of bubbles and, at the same time, gain the necessary flexibility. Then the porcelain is smoothed on a flat surface with a constant thickness to start the cutting process. Subsequently, the pieces are left to dry for days, with no rush. During this time, the porcelain loses water by evaporation to air, at room temperature and, from here, the pieces are ready to be polished, manually. It is common for some of them to break at this early stage of the process – despite the cohesive aspect, a more tense touch and they will break, like clay.

One of Sömmer's main concerns is to ensure sustainability in all stages of the process, so these broken parts are always reused to form new parts. Following an ethical and sustainable guideline is a constant search for fulfilling the brand's duty to customers as much as to the world, so it is also of the utmost importance to limit the quantities produced. There is no infinite stock waiting to be sold. The items are produced taking into account the demand of each model.

Although porcelain is a very resistant material, each piece is glazed to reinforce its strength and, at the same time, to allow painting the details in gold, by hand. Time and dedication, where the artisan essence resides, as well as 3 distinct ovens – whose highest temperature reaches 1250ºC – are necessary to bring these pieces to life.

"It is very gratifying to see the pieces I produce in the studio coming out in the daylight, being used by so many women from all over the world."

– Brand creator Sofia Bártolo

These simple and delicate pieces of light and elegant presence are born inspired by simplicity and the feminine natural beauty, by the delicate strength of women and nature in its purest state. They are timeless objects for an audience that values details, uniqueness and manual high-quality work.

Each piece has its own history and whoever wears them is exhibiting an unique jewel.

"By working with such noble materials that adorn the body elegantly and by exploring new creative paths, it allows me to draw a visual trajectory full of beautiful singularities."

– Brand creator Sofia Bártolo

My two favorite pieces from the collection Colette

Currently working on the next collection, which is scheduled to launch by the end of September, the new designs explore a more colorful and vibrant side of the brand, while remaining minimalist, feminine and fresh.

The initial idea for this collection originated from flowery drafts and had the help of those who follow the brand on social networks to choose the designs and colors – a more vibrant range will be used for the creation of these new pieces, including electric blue, soft blue and lavender.

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