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Article by Soraia Martins

Most of the people I talk to these days love to get their hands dirty. Wait, I don’t mean dirty, but they do love to use their hands to make things. There are more crafters than ever rejoicing in their success as their brands get to spread the handmade banner all over Portugal, and the world, too. And this makes me happy, as I also enjoy being hands-on whenever I can and understand the pure delight of it.

When I see projects I’m into, I immediately want to know their stories — many of which you’ve already read, I hope — as is the case of SO-SO. Architects by trade, Maria and João are also the couple behind this lovely brand that’s inspired by Portuguese proverbs to get to their everyday objects. «As architects, we were always fascinated by the emotional bond people establish with their homes and the objects in them. But we also missed the handmade work, and that’s how SO-SO was born in 2016, as a way to use our hands to make something», they tell me.

SO-SO is, first and foremost, a home-ware brand, which products are all designed and handmade in their studio in Parede. «We believe that every piece takes its time to “come alive”, which makes it all the more unique. Our mission is to create objects that can be part of the life of those who purchase them while also being memory-keepers, so to say».

Portugal is definitely their main influence, though always with expansion in mind, and that’s why they chose a name in English, motivated by the very common Portuguese saying “assim-assim”, which means exactly “so-so”, whenever someone asks how someone’s been. SO-SO keeps it real and designs objects that essentially show love, tenderness and traditional workmanship. They’re mostly toys, but I’d say I wouldn’t mind owning all of these as a grown-up, such as wooden toy cars, wooden and faux-fur sheep, piggy banks, and a number of other beautifully made gems named after Portuguese sayings.

«We don’t think a design is ever finished. The hand-making process, the way the objects are worn and the public’s reaction, all of these have an effect on the final product. The creative process is never-ending».

Maria and João

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Text: Soraia Martins

Pictures: © SO-SO Store