Serra da Estrela – Hidden hike paradise

We visited Serra da Estrela in April 2021 and had the chance to get a glimpse at the beauty of spring up there. When driving up and down the narrow roads, we had splendid sunny weather. Unfortunately, while up at Casa da São Lourenço the foggy weather did not allow us to discover as much as we wanted from this splendid Portuguese mountain. However, we've put together some impressions for you. And if you stay at Casa de São Lourenço or Casa das Penhas Douradas you wont get bored with their amazing spa and beautiful interior.

If you're staying at one of the Burel Mountain Hotels, we recommend you to hike with their guide in the foggy weather. We don't want you to get lost. We did our hike with Luis and he gave us a lot of insights about the region and showed us some places we would have never found in the fog. And if the weather is sunny and you want to go discover the area on your own, the hotels can also give you some guidance with a map.

In case you don't feel like hiking in the fog, we also recommend to visit the Burel factory. It's very impressive and if you love design and handcraft, it's a must!

The first house of Serra da Estrela made by a Portuguese doctor who wanted to treat patients of Tuberculosis up in the mountains.

When the fog clears

Rock formations by the road that we found when driving to the hotel

A house with history and a special architecture on Serra da Estrela (it's not wood, it's tarp)

Burel factory - more about the factory here

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