Quitting a save job for self-fulfilment

I've heard it a lot of times and I've already written about it here: people seam to have a hard time following my decisions when it comes to my job. Over the past 10 years I've moved quite a lot, not only jobwise. Well, I guess that the saying «the only constant thing is change» really applies on my life. At the beginning, friends and family asked intensively why. Specially in Switzerland, having a decent job is very important. You only quit if there is a better alternative (mostly moneywise). Everyone wants to be and feel save. Interestingly, Swiss people often forget that there is no saver place than Switzerland - no wars, enough food, excellent health system and you'll always find a job somewhere. 

Yes, I changed my job quite a few times but I never changed the field. I've always worked in branding and communication, mostly in agencies. To be honest, I've never thought that I'd work in agencies for so long. But I simply couldn't find a fit on the client's side. I couldn't picture myself working for a brand that wasn't related to a passion of mine. At the same time my passion was never that one thing - I simply love to be creative and to build up things! I need to be free at work and to have positive people around me. 

When I founded Taste of Portugal, I knew that somehow it would be the beginning of something great for me. But I never knew in which sense exactly or what that road would held for me. To be honest, I still don't know it in detail but I have a vision. Beginning of this year, I felt very anxious, tired and unmotivated. I was working like an idiot, 100% in an agency, building up Taste of Portugal and contributing to another blog. Those of you who've worked in a branding or communication agency know how exhausting this job can be. You have to manage multiple clients, a boss who you have to treat like a client and partners to coordinate. However, I was very lucky to always have had a lot of fun with my co-workers. What made my day was having lunch or a coffee break with them. But this made me very sad. There I was 8.5 hours a day doing something that I actually like (communication) but for brands that I don't really care or even worst for whom I couldn't account. I've always been a very organized and dutiful person (some compare me to Monica from Friends or Winston Schmidt from New Girl) and I've always tried to look out for the clients' and the agency's needs. I had some grateful clients but you would not believe how many ask for a professional advise and in the end are rude to you because you tell them that they have to change their thinking or business in order to be successful. This frustrated me. I spent most of the days fighting for budgets and justifying my job towards clients, trying to handle with my boss' bad moods and decoding chaotic feedbacks (from clients and bosses). There was a lot of negativity around me, all day long. Therefore I kept changing the agency hoping for "better" clients or bosses. 

It was in April this year, that it all started to get unbearable for me. I had (and still have) a loving fiancé, I had Taste of Portugal which was going so well and people were giving me so many lovely feedbacks, I had our wedding to organize which should actually be a fun thing, I had my dream vacation to Azores planed, I've never been paid that well in my whole life. But I was not happy. I was tired all the time, I had no energy and working for Taste of Portugal and my other wonderful private projects became very tiring. It hit me a lot of times already that I had to change something im my work life. But this time I simply couldn't go on. People kept telling me: "You can make a plan as you're earning so much money now. If you stay until the end of the year, you can save a lot." Nobody seamed to listen or understand that I REALLY couldn't do it anymore. Every day was torture. 

I did what I always do, I started looking for new jobs. But this time I knew: NO agency and 80% max. so I have time for me and my projects. I applied for one job, at an architects office as a communication lead. I never thought I'd get it. I wasn't even nervous at the job interview because it all sounded so surreal. As some of you know, I started studying architecture before going into communication. Being able to combine communication with design was always a dream of mine. And then I just got it! I think it just had to be like that, I don't know. They offered me a position for 60%. First I was worried about my finances (always the same stupid thing) but then I realized that it's a big opportunity! I will be able to push Taste of Portugal further, to have other exciting projects and to simply enjoy more me-time! And money will come out of that eventually.

There's another lesson I've learned in this process. I'm getting married, so I should start trusting that concept. I tend to not trust people easily and to take all the responsibility for everything. I'm used to get shit done by myself. But it was when I talked to my future husband that I realized that I don't have to anymore. We'll soon be an ever stronger team and together we can do it! Dear women out there you can do it by yourself - for sure (I would have) but if you're in a relationship or marriage, have trust in it and don't be ashame of letting your partner help you. If you're in a committed and respectful relationship it will be in balance anyway. Somehow women nowadays feel like it's a failure to have a husband or boyfriend helping them. Society raised us to be independent women but sometimes I feel like this is backfiring. You can be independent and still be a mother 100% or do whatever you want and have no kids. You can lean on your husbands shoulder for a while and let go! Every couple should have its own rules. As long as it feels right for you, go with it. 

Let's change the world for better by doing things we love and spend time with people we adore!

Your friend