Patrícia Lobo Ceramics – Inspired by life

I could listen to Patrícia Lobo like forever! Patrícia and I met in Porto on a sunny Saturday morning. Actually we wanted to talk about her ceramic lamps and how we could present them in our online boutique. But when she started talking about her life and what brought her to creating unique ceramic lamps, I couldn't stop listening. Patrícia is a very calm and authentic woman who traveled the world working in the TV and cinema industry. Before that she studied design in Portugal and acting in Brazil. First she thought of becoming an actress as she loved to play at the theater, but during her time in Brazil she realized that being behind the camera was more fulfilling.

Patrícia loves to try out new things. I wished I could have had more time to listen to her life story. I felt strongly connected to her, even if just had met. We both need to try out many things until we know what really makes us happy. Patrícia learned how to do jewellery, spent hours padding and refurbishing old furniture for friends. She loved to receive their pictures and to see how happy her pieces made them.

It was a travel to Angola that opened her eyes. She spent a few months in Africa working on a new production. The contrast between being earning a lot of money while shooting another movie and being surrounded by poverty made her think about life and what a human really needs - what she really needs and wants for her life. She decided to take a break and went on a journey to Asia. She came back to TV and Cinema but as a freelancer and started learning new handcrafts. She did a lot of workshops. Until she one day started working with ceramics. She instantly knew: this is it! From that day on, Patrícia dived into this typical Portuguese handcraft and started challenging herself and the artisans too. The most difficult part when working with ceramic artisans in Portugal is in in my opinion playing with colors. They are used to traditional patterns and colors. Patrícia felt the same.

When she decided to make lamps out of ceramic, Patrícia knew from the beginning, that she would have to spend a lot of time creating from scratch her own colors. But it was worth it! We absolutely love her earthy and neutral colors. Patrícia Lobo Ceramics is a brand that wants to keep alive a traditionally Portuguese craft allied to a contemporary design. a contemporary. The pendant lamps have a strong aesthetic and at the same time minimal shapes. Patrícia wants to raise awareness for the slow process of craft work. She wants to point out not only its complexity but also unpredictability. Most of the pieces are cooked in a gas muffle furnace that gives each piece textures and nuances that make it unique.

Somehow, we thing that Patrícia Lobo's pieces are inspired by life. It's her path that brought her to them.

We're very happy to soon welcome Patrícia Lobo Ceramics to our online boutique, meanwhile take a look at her timeless but unique collection here.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,


Patrícia Lobo, Founder and Designer

Pictures © Patrícia Lobo Ceramics