nadanada – Where you experience nothing

You might have stumbled over the title of this article. It might sound negative «Where you experience nothing» but I'm 100% serious and positive about it. Nadanada is a new bed & breakfast in Porto that invites you to do nothing. As a brand and communication strategist I know how hard it is to create a brand that catches the curious and smart people among us. Nadanada does that at excellence. I'm impressed how they built up a concept that is unique and creative out of (guess what?) nothing.

The makers are Ahy, a writer/cook from Hong Kong who wants love in exchange for nothing, and Bruno, an ugly pirate from Portugal who gives love in exchange for nothing. I love how they describe their place:

nadanada is when everything is nothing when the act of creation is irrelevant from the start. Because you know it leads to the end. A place that is not a place, where you are invited to stay, live, love and create... nothing.

A place with only one room, with a view to nothingness. A fan in the ceiling and a double bed mattress perfect to cuddle with solitude or a loved one. Private bathroom with rainfall shower over your head and a tiny mirror, to keep your ego under control. Reinvent yourself in this place, be a nothing special person with us, in the comfort of a home that is created everyday. We hope your stay leads to nothing, alone or accompanied with someone important for you in the moment. We want you to enjoy it while in here. Live the present. Everything fades, especially the beautiful things.

Last week I had the honor of being culinary spoiled by Ahy's fabulous cooking and to visit their place for you.

Ahy and Bruno welcomed me in their home like family. We instantly felt connected. Ahy is a kind and very sweet person who is finding its way through Portuguese daily life. Bruno is a free spirit artist with a big Portuguese heart. We talked about the Portuguese culture and it was very refreshing to mirror my experience with theirs.

Best fried squid ever!

The desert tasted like heaven!

I love to talk (no secret to my friends and family) but I also appreciate listening to other people's lives and stories like Ahy's and Bruno's. Staying at nadanada is truly a special experience. Their concept is to share their space with their guests. They use the same kitchen, the same bathroom. They welcome you to join for lunch or dinner and Bruno takes you on the most special sightseeing tour (things you'd never explore with other guides).

If you love arts, great food and staying in a place where love is shared in exchange for nothing, you should stay at nadanada. Ahy and Bruno are also very happy about welcome you for a dinner or/and lunch experience only. Every corner of their home has a story to tell. The interior is a beautiful cultural mix of Hong Kong and Portugal. I could have stayed for ever and examine every corner.

A big thank you to you, Ahy and Bruno, for welcoming me in your home like family!

See you soon and take care,


Bruno & Ahy

You can tell there is a cook living here!

Surfboard mady by Bruno

Guestroom, you can have your privacy by closing the curtains.

No ordinary lamps, please!

Art gallery in the bathroom

In Porto the houses usually have backyards and at nadanada you'll find a very big and pretty one.

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