Mistu – Paris in Porto

When I entered Mistu, I somehow felt a bit like in a fancy place in Paris. I don't know if the owners (by the way the same as from Flow) had that intention. But do you know Alcazar? Mike and I had lunch there in autumn 2017 and it felt a bit like being back there. I went to Mistu by myself for lunch (having dinner alone is not really my thing). The menu had so many delicious things to offer that I barely couldn't decide. At the end, I chose the polvo (as usual). It was delicious! I loved the combination with sweet potatoes, soy beans and egg.

The waitress and waiter where very kind and attentive. They noticed that I had a cold (my voice was practically gone) and offered me some honey with my tea. Before your order they serve you some fresh vegetable slices, very thin toasted bread and delicious sauces (I specially loved the pumpkin one). It's not for free, (2.50 €) but I really loved it and I think it's worth it.

Over all, I loved to have lunch at Mistu and I will definitely come back with Mike for dinner once.

Wishing you a lovely start into the week,


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