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For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated about all kind of handcrafts. My mother used to sew a lot, she still does. My father was and still is more into stone sculpturing. Since I'm on a journey with Taste of Portugal, I've came across amazing Portuguese brands that value Portuguese handcraft like I do. Today, I'd like to present to you a brand that combines a special Portuguese handcraft, embroidery, with light and contemporary fashion – Martine Love.

Centennial Viana hand embroidery

According to research, the “Viana do Castelo Embroidery” birth certificate appeared formally in the newspaper on August 24th, 1917. It reported the first exhibition that occurred under this theme and these type of products. Gemeniana Branco, was one of the great driving forces of this Embroidery. Together with other women, she founded the Portuguese Women’s Crusade. The goal was to alleviate the misery of many Portuguese families, since men were mobilized to fight in France. It is with active solidarity to poor women who are alone in charge of providing for their families, that Gemeniana goes to work, helping the women around Viana to find the resources they lacked.

What was written about this movement, one hundred years ago, stands today as a major example of Community, Empowerment and Fair Trade:


The tradition of a knowledge, widely spread among rural women.

Empowerment The voluntarism of an intervention, an initiative of the Portuguese women's crusade, which aims to transform this know-how into an occupation with economic significance.

Fair Trade

The evidence of the need for mediation between the rural performers and an urban market to be defined and constructed.

Concept – Centennial Viana do Castelo Embroidery meets modernism in its most lyric fashionable expression to date. Martine Love is a brand inspired by cintage fashion and ancient traditions. Modernized and handmade by true artisans. It was born in Lisbon by Marta Champalimaud and every piece is embroidered in Viana do Castelo. The name «Martine Love» evokes femininity, elegance and freeedom. With her designs Marta aims to stylishly dress women with comfort, color and uniqueness.

Martine Love is dedicated to a great audience of women – from daughters to mothers to grandmothers. I love how Marta describes her client: "Our client is a pratical woman that loves fashion and to dress herself. She searched for a creatuve style of her own. Mismatching and pairing th eold with the new is her best secret. She is a traveler, party-goeser and worker."

Well, I guess I have to change my liste to Santa, because one of these dresses will definetly have to make their way to my closet.

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