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I came across Maria Souto de Moura's art at Duas Portas Townhouse, a boutique guesthouse in Foz, Porto. I saw this beautiful painting next to my bed and wondered who might have done it. But the next day I forgot about asking from whom it was.

A bit more than one year later, I found out that the art pieces are by Maria Souto de Moura, another creative woman of the Duas Portas family. As written last year, the boutique guesthouse is run by Luisa, Maria's sister and their aunt Francisca. But it was Maria and Luisa's mother, Luisa Penha, who restored the 19th century house. As you can see, Duas Portas is a master piece of female creativity and dedication to architecture, design and arts.

My room in 2018.

Maria Eduarda Souto de Moura (Porto, 1990) is an architect who graduated from the University of Porto’s Faculty of Architecture in 2014.

In 2012, she represented Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) at the EHL Campus - International Architecture Students Workshop in Switzerland while she did an interchange programme at PUC. In 2015, she won ‘Viana de Lima Prize’ – best architecture student of project.

In 2017, she built the Pavillion 'Particular Contemplation' with the painter António Gonçalves, at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon. With this same project she was selected to national exhibition 'Jovens Criadores 2017'. And in the same year, she was invited to paint eight paintings for Duas Portas Townhouse in Oporto.

Duas Portas Tonhouse

acrylic on canson paper (59.7 x 42 cm)

Since 2014, she collaborates at Alvaro Siza’s Office, Oporto.

At the moment, she's exhibiting at Cisterna Galeria de Arte in Lisboa (until June 13, 2019). Don't miss it!



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (100 x 70 cm) 



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (100 x 70 cm) 



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (100 x 70 cm) 



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (100 x 70 cm) 



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (79 x 75 cm) 



2019, acrylic on canson paper  (69 x 66 cm) 

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