Luizas – Traditional x Contemporary Fashion

There is a new Portuguese brand that caught our attention this year – Luizas. The brand's founder and creator is Suzana Magalhães, born in Lisbon. She has over 20 years of experience in the Textile industry as a fashion designer. She loves to create things differently and this is what we felt when we got to know the brand Luizas.

We'd like to present you the unique band and its talented designer Suzana Magalhães. Hopefully you enjoy reading!

What is Luizas?

Luizas is a faceless ceramic created to honor all the women of the world so that they feel the strength and the differentiation of the brand and feel desire to dress the skin of this woman.

How did you come up with the idea? What was your motivation?

The idea came from the old faceless dolls made of rags from the Monsanto Zone, Castelo Branco, which my grandmother Luisa still does and once tenderly offered me one as a gift. I looked at this doll and it gave me all this strength. I realized that I have to recreate this tradition. I wanted to update it to nowadays, to our world. It's when new dolls, the Luizas, were born! They all had the same name only their family name changed. This project made me curious about other Portuguese traditions as the embroideries. This handcraft is very old and not in line with the fashion needs of modern women and our contemporary time. I began to study the traditional Portuguese embroideries and started to translate it into fashion pieces for daily use. I go through this same process with all our accessories and other creations.

Where do you come from and tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a "Lisboeta" who came to Porto to study. I took a fashion course here in Porto and stayed in the city. Since then, I've worked in the fashion and creation industry with great national and international brands. After 20 years as a fashion designer, I decided to create my own brand, Luizas & Co. And I'm very happy that the brand is turning one soon!

What inspires you?

Mainly, it's Portugal who inspires me. But I also love to travel around the world and exploring different cultures. I'm in love with places and people with smiles. It fascinates me to get to know their soul. I've spent many years following trends and making clothes in series. Now I want to slower down, have more air to breathe and talk to people. Establish new connections is very important to me a swell as creating slow fashion pieces that are some sort of "art for life" – for your life!

Which are the biggest challenges of being a business woman in Portugal?

The biggest challenge is to be supported by the Portuguese themselves! since I created the brand, I feel more support and affection from people outside my own country. In Portugal, it takes a lot to receive recognition and the necessary help. But I believe that one day they will notice me and desire Luizas!

Thank you for your time dear Suzana and we're sure that as soon as Portugal has discovered you, they will love your brand Luizas. We already admire your work and love it!

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday eve,


How it all started: with this doll made by my grandmother

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Pictures © Luizas