Leça de Palmeira – A Portrait

A guest post by Alexander Bogorodskiy.

These series tell a story of a place in a way that is new and experimental for me. They are about simplicity and minimalism. About shapes and textures. For me minimalism is something I admire and crave for. It’s a true art of communicating the idea efficiently while not cluttering the image and leaving only the essential.

On this misty morning on the rocky Atlantic coast of Leça da Palmeira I searched not to show what the place is, but rather how it feels.

I hope you enjoy this visual diary the same way I enjoyed creating it.

Piscina das Marés – tidal pool designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira

Casa OM by Barbosa & Guimarães Arquitectos

Pictures and text by Alexander Bogorodskiy

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