Juliana Bezerra – Blooming Creativity

I’ve always admired people who are able to stick to one thing, focus on one matter and elaborate something for a longer period in every possible detail. I always wanted to have this one passion, this one purpose in my life. Well, so far no luck over here. And I guess, there is not that one purpose for me. I simply get excited about too many things at the same time. And I even need that in order to be creative.

Every person has its own source of creativity. One of mine is certainly traveling. When I find myself stuck to one place for too long, I get nervous and creativity vanishes away. When I met Juliana Bezerra for this article, I was searching for more creativity, or new approaches on being creative. Juliana‘s jewellery pieces are beautiful, elegant and feminine. They are playful, exciting and a tribute to nature. I wanted to know more about how she works and about her creative journey. I felt like she was one of those persons that I admire so much - focused on one thing and mastering it to perfection.

Juliana is humble, calm and kind. But when she speaks about her work, you feel her passion and fascination for what she does. She grew up in Brazil and says that her childhood was an imaginative one, specially thanks to her grandmother. As a kindergarten teacher I realize daily how important a creative environment is. The connection to nature is also a pure and wonderful way to connect with creativity and that is one of the reasons why I also am fascinated with Juliana's work. Her jewellery speaks and interacts with nature. She explains that she loves to travel to unknown places as for example the Azores, which inspired her a lot. However, her travels are sometimes also made in silence, at home by herself early in the morning.

Juliana in her old studio.

Since summer 2020, Juliana owns a new beautiful studio in Restelo. It's on my list for my next Lisboa trip.

Some people like to do sketches and plan everything ahead. Juliana likes to explore with her hands. Drying flowers, taking them apart, observing and playing with their seeds is a source of creativity as well as working with different materials. One of her dear friends is a florist and this friendship also contributes to her passion for floral pieces.

Jewellery is a very personal way of making a statement and I normally tend to wear decent pieces. But when I put on my Estapélia Earrings I feel confident, feminine and I bloom like a flower.

Thank you Juliana for sharing your passion with us and keep discovering this beautiful world of nature.


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