JAK – Made to be worn, not shown.

I'm very picky when it comes to sneakers and I only own like 3 or 4 pairs (compared to many other people it's very modest, I guess). I like the sporty and also elegant style with a special touch of "je ne sais quois". I'm not into the junk sneaker style at all (sorry guys). When buying a piece of cloth or footwear, I always go with the modest, long lasting piece. That does not mean that it shouldn't be special or unique.

I've come across JAK, an independent brand founded in 2014 by Isabel and José Maria, and fell in love with their perfect match of elegance and sport. JAK shoes are mostly made out of full grain leather, which is the highest quality and most valued part of the hide. Your sneaker will age beautifully over time and ensure you a long durability.

Isabel and José Maria share our values of a slower kind of life:

" We value customer experience, service, quality and fairness and we are willing to iterate our processes as many times as necessary to ensure them. We are inspired by artists, designers, architects, critical thinkers, engineers and others who dedicate their work to interpret function and aesthetics as one. Our sneakers are made to be worn, not shown. "

The founders Isabel and José Maria

The brand sources locally and follows a strict ethical code. Their products are made out of raw materials and have therefore less environmental impact. It's a brand with family values – their employees are fairly and ethically treated. JAK shoes are produced in the northern region of Portugal, which is famous for its multi-generation shoe production family owned factories.

Keep up the beautiful work,


My favorite: Vantage Blue Green

(all designs available for women and men)

Even the packaging is not showing off.

Produced in northern Portugal.

Shop online: www.jakshoes.com

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