Inês Telles Jewelry: beauty in three words

Every time I think about delicate jewellery, it’s pretty hard not to immediately delve into handmade, organically-shaped pieces that showcase nature in all its forms. Inês Telles Jewelry, a Lisbon-based Portuguese jewellery designer with a penchant for contemporary, feminine, mostly silver works of art, is the epitome of this kind of genuine beauty depicted in everyday objects. Created in 2009, Inês Telles Jewelry soon became an international example of how Portuguese craftsmanship can reach everywhere just by paying homage to traditional and handmade authenticity. After studying Art History in college, Inês saw herself being drawn to jewellery and its symbology in different cultures and time periods. After taking a small course, she felt inspired to create her own brand where creativity would be her main concern, something she craved since forever. Her collections speak to everyone who loves gentle cut-out patterns and subtle shapes, outlines that resemble nature in such details that make their way into our necks, ear lobes, wrists or fingers. Jewellery has its special way of making us feel more beautiful, more put together, readier to hold ourselves together. Her story has gone through many phases mirrored in her collections like a watermark of her work and her line of thought. They all exude femininity, geometric minutiae, minimal inspiration, all the way from Líneas, Deli, Hera, Pema or Solar to her most recent one, Luzia, «the name that resembles the light of clear mornings», as Inês herself put it. Recently, Inês moved to a new studio in Calçada das Necessidades 4A, a not-as-crowded neighbourhood in Lisbon pretty close to the stunning garden of Tapada das Necessidades and the Necessidades Palace. This in and of itself is a whole new chapter for the designer and her brand, as the new 200 sqm space allows her to divide it into three main areas, the workshop, where she makes all of her creations, the showroom, to where she welcomes people who want to visit her and see the pieces, and the office. The decoration is a process of its own, and it’s visibly an extension of her work and her creative mind — and an inspiration, of course. Antiques, lots of plants, knickknacks found here and there, items she collected in her travels, her tools, and everything you need to build a second home where you’d likely spend half of your life weaving your dreams. As if her success all over Portugal weren’t enough, Inês has made a name for herself outside of the country, and even was invited to be part of the Jewelry Trunk Show, held at the San Francisco MoMA, an event that brings together a selected number of designers from all over the world to showcase their makings. In addition to this, the designer has been spreading the word about her brand, such as Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, among others. As easy as falling in love with a flower or a superb painting, Inês Telles Jewelry will swipe you off your feet and leave you wanting more and more and more.

Pictures 1-8 © Sanda Vuckovic

Picture 9 © Ana Brígida