Franqueiros – A House by José Adrião

Located in the heart of the historical area of Baixa, Lisboa , the house Franqueiros by José Adrião is a beautiful mix of old and new materials. The intention was to adapt and refurbish the "Pombalino" buidling and turn it into a short term rental unit. The idea was to accept and embrace its existing heterogeneous character that had grown out of several changes and modifications since its construction in the late 18th century. We specially love how José Adrião combined old elements as the wooden floors and tiles with new materials.

This project is the example how having less money for renovation brings out new and brilliant ideas. We hope that Lisboa will keep maintaining the old charming houses, they're just too beautiful!

More about this project here.

Architecture by José Adrião

Pictures by FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

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