Elisa Passino Studio

We have a new crush and it's a big one! We fell deeply in love with Elisa Passino's ceramic work. She combines material, colour and handcraft on a new level. Elisa Passino is an Italian design born in Venice but currently based between Lisbon and Brussels. In 2018 she founded her own creative studio to bring to life her own ideas and designs. Her work is pure perfection and combines beautifully her experience in graphic, textile and interior design.

"After working in different companies in Italy and abroad, I soon realized that I wanted to put together my knowledge about print, surface, interior, and create something different and unique. I found the perfect support for my first project as independent creative, in a factory of handmade Portuguese azulejos, and I tried (and try every day) to transform my collection into something contemporary and eclectic that gives another voice to the everyday tile we are used to think about. My goal is to create products that let space build itself around them, becoming the protagonist of the scene. That's the reason why we will be more than happy to help you create your own personal project!"

Her collection offers 9 different designs that you can combine, use individually or mix with plain colours from her very own developed colour palette. Every tile is handmade in Portugal with traditional technique and manually printed in serigraphy.

The Story

Elisa Passino's work is inspired by Portugal's beautiful coloured facades. She's specially fascinated by their unique combination in perfect harmony. This inspired her to make a tribute to Portuguese tiles and at the same time to create something new. Elisa started combining elements from the timeless work of the "architects of colors", Corbusier, Bofill, Barragem. During the research about colors in architecture, she came across the stunning work of photographers such as Matthieu Venot, Jeanette Hägglund, Serge Najjar. With appreciation for the detail, Elisa Passino studied carefully the composition of their images, the angles, the colors and shapes.

Elisa Passino managed to combine traditional handcraft with contemporary design in a wonderful way. A new Terracotta is born.

Elisa Passino

More about Elisa Passino and her work: www.elisapassino.com

Pictures © Elisa Passino