Dear Lisbon – Living House

The Dear Lisbon Houses are a family business run with a lot of passion for the city of Lisbon. Every single detail of their houses is well thought and makes a contribution to the city's culture and heritage. We absolutely want to stayt at Valmor Palace one day. It looks so beautiful. I already stayed at the Living House which is very different to the other houses. It has a more clean, contemporary and young style but is equally warm in welcoming their guests.

DL Living House concept is slightly different then the other houses. The space and rooms are smaller but very bright and cozy. With 6 rooms spread by 3 floors, this is the smallest house of Dear Lisbon Houses. I grew up in small houses and apartments. So don't mind tiny spaces and I even feel safe in them. The delicate style and urban look and the white facade are a beautiful contrast to the narrow and colourful streets of Lisboa. DL Living House is located just a few meters from Rua de São Bento, a quite peculiar street. Here you will find everything from Portuguese carpenters to French baguettes, typical restaurants to modern groceries and even the Lisbon icon itself, the 28 tram – it literally travels up and down all the seven hills.

Just a few minutes of walk away another DL House is located – DL Gallery House. Dear Lisbon Gallery House lives in perfect symbiosis with Galerias de São Bento, a co-work and art space where locals meet travelers, digital nomads meet artists and altogether meet Lisbon. Please keep in mind that due to the Corona situation, at the moment the co-working space is only accessible for members.

At DL Living House you'll start into the day with a small but delicious breakfast. It is served on the ground floor in a little cozy lounge where you can easily forget time with a magazine or book. As I was on a work business, I used to use it as my working space and it was great. During the day the other guests are discovering the city anyways, so you'll have a quiet space to work. I

A big thank you to all the Dear Lisbon Houses team for welcoming me in their Living House like family. I'm looking forward to discovering more of your houses.

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