We spent this New Years' Eve at a beautiful place with very kind people. We were welcomed like family and it truly felt like home away from home. After a very stressful year, we were looking for a hideaway, a place where we could have some privacy. But at the same time we wanted to enjoy talking to other people and listen to their stories. We found that at Craveiral. We love their concept of having your own independent house (very well equipped with kitchen and everything you need) and a common house by the pool where you can meet other people at breakfast.

The little houses as well as the"big living room" (I call it like that because it truly felt like a living room) are beautifully decorated. Every piece of furniture is carefully selected and from Portuguese designers. Even the art paintings were specially made for them by Portuguese artists. Everywhere you look, you'll find perfection in little details. I loved for example their Christmas decoration. It was the most beautiful and elegant one I've seen last year! They only used natural materials as dried flowers, fruits and branches. It really accentuated the concept of Craveiral - luxury and simplicity in pure harmony with nature.

I will steal this decoration ideas for our next Christmas.

We had the chance to spend some quality time with the makers Pedro, João and Luis and therefore got to know their stories passions and visions. Craveiral is a personal project that came out of deep love and appreciation for nature, hospitality and the beauty of design. It all started ten years ago when Pedro had a vision: a place where people can relax, enjoy nature, the sea and feel at home, a place for people who appreciate the beautiful things in life. But it was a tough road as the property is embedded in a natural reserve and at the boarder to the Natural Park Costa Vicentina. It's not easy to get construction permissions. After several attempts, he got all the permissions and the funding that was needed to start. Pedro then decided to collaborate with João and Luis, a very smart move in my opinion. Pedro is a lawyer, João an economist and Luis a creative director. I guess it's a very good mix to build up a business in hospitality. They make an amazing team and know exactly how to welcome their guests and make them feel special and unique.

We had a house with one bedroom, a living room and open kitchen. It was very spacious and tastefully decorated. Every house (and studio) has an outside area with chairs and a table. You can enjoy your morning coffee outside in your private space before going for breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening by sunset.

Our house

The pool area is amazing. We were there in winter, so no swimming for us (there is an indoor pool though) but we enjoyed napping by the pool with the sun warming up our souls.

The Breakfast was delicious. We had the best pancakes ever! The cakes and juices vary a bit from day to day. It's like having a huge brunch everyday with tasty local delicacies. We specially liked their unusual jams. They're made by an organization who wants to help local farmers in producing high quality products. So instead of having the boring strawberry jam, you'll also have tomato and zucchini jam. We also opted to have dinner once and had our New Year's Eve dinner at Craveiral too. Both were very delicious. We like their mix of Portuguese and modern cuisine. Their cook is Maria João and she specially did an outstanding job during New Year's Eve. Every dish was perfect and beautifully decorated.

Special treat for the breakfast for January 1st.

The meals are cooked with fresh ingredients from their own garden or local farmers.

As mentioned before, Craveiral is situated by the Natural Park Costa Vicentina, our favorite coast in Portugal. We enjoyed some walks along the coast and in warmer days you can go swimming. There are also beautiful spots to surf and in winter you'll have the waves almost for yourself.

We had an unforgettable time at Craveiral and wish we could just go back in time! Thank you to the whole crew for having us and making us feel at home.

See you soon!

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