CO Project Farm: A One-of-a-Kind Brain Spa

There is a very unique project we'd like to share here – the CO Project Farm. It's the conscious traveler's answer to a life lived too fast! The CO Project Farm is a one-of-a-kind brain spa for inspiring creative optimists through hands on experiences in sustainable living, rural regeneration and small-scale organic agriculture.

The CO Project Farm is a unique, educative eco-tourism property nestled in the rolling hills of wine-and-olive country in central Portugal. Founded by United Nations Champion of the Earth Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, the CO Project initiative focuses on restoring an abandoned olive farm through sustainable design principles, transforming it into one of the world’s first and only ‘Brain Spas’.


The CO Project runs on-farm, interactive experiences for people interested in contemporary sustainable living, zero-waste cooking, organic small-scale farming practices, all of which help to promote a deeper understanding of systems change.

The founder Leyla first envisioned the ‘brain spa’ concept after finding herself completely stressed out and drained by her life’s work as a serial social entrepreneur. She set about creating a beautiful, restorative space in Portugal that supports regenerative well-being and learning, while building on the new science around the evidenced health benefits of spending time in nature. Leyla created the CO Project’s ‘Living-Learning Laboratory’ as a way of exploring natural systems, sustainable living practices, and hands-on experimentation, all designed to ignite creative thinking and offer people from every walk of life the opportunity to learn directly from nature.

Through uniquely curated on-farm experiences, the constantly evolving CO Project Farm hosts dynamic minds from around the world, curating experiences that complement a multitude of different sustainability learning outcomes.


The CO Project Farm is located in the small village of Serra, about 20 minutes’ drive from the charming medieval town of Tomar in central Portugal. The property is a short walk from the incredible Zêzere River and easily accessible to many rural Portuguese delights such as wineries and farmers’ markets.

Tomar is a picturesque medieval town, home to the Knights of Templar and overlooked by a more than 1000-year-old castle and convent. Tomar has a beautiful historic center, a large weekly farmers’ market every Friday morning, great regional restaurants and bars, and many charming little streets to explore. The local area around our village of Serra is full of wineries, olive groves, farms and quaint towns humming with summer music festivals.

Food Philosophy at the CO Project Farm

The CO Project places a very high value on the entire experience of sourcing, preparing, and sharing food. Their philosophy involves vegetable-centric, locally sourced, nutritionally superior, and visually appealing food.

They grow as much as they can on the farm, organically and with lots of love! What they cannot grow, they purchase from their network of local organic farmers and markets. CO Project Farm purchases grains and other items from a local bio store and maintains a no-disposables rule on the farm.

Their facility is 100% vegetarian, meaning no meat products on the farm. They have farm-fresh eggs and local handmade sheep and goat milk cheeses when it comes to dairy. They make their own delicious non-dairy milks from local nuts, and create a lot of their own preserves and culinary delights to enjoy on the farm.

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