Casa do Rio - Vallado

I've been traveling in Portugal since forever, well, to be precise since 1985. But it was only three years ago that I decided to document my travels and share it with you. As I partly grew up in Algarve and my father is from Alentejo, I started by traveling around the southern region including Lisboa. Soon I was curious about Porto and fell in love with the northern city and its charm. And last year we did an unforgetable trip to five of the nine Azores islands.

So far, we only managed to do some short escapes to the northern region including the Douro. This is definitely on our to-do list for 2019 and 2020. Just the other day, a friend of us mentioned a hotel that we absolutely want to try this summer or autumn: Casa do Rio - Vallado.

Casa do Rio is an extension of Quinta do Vallado's wine hotel in Regua with only six suites. It's beautifully located between their own vineyards with an outstanding view over the river Douro.

"The beauty of this place, its remarkable state of conservation allied to the strength of the environment, and the absolute solitude and silence, have such a deep impact on those who go there, that it would be a waste not to share this unique experience with others."  

– Casa do Rio - Vallado

I guess, we'll see each other up north than?

Wishing you a lovely mid-week,


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