Casa do Eirado – Rural Stay

There is a place in Lagoa, Algarve that we want to visit soon - Casa do Eirado. We thought that you might like it too. Therefore we're happy to share some info and pictures of this rural stay even if we didn't visit it yet. And if you've already stayed Casa do Eirado, let us know!

[The following info was provided by Casa do Eirado]

Casa do Eirado

The house was recovered from the ruins of a late 19th-century rural dwelling, which belonged to the Simões family. The project was designed by the owner, Mr. José and can be considered a homage to its roots.

Inside the Casa do Eirado are unique elements such as a significant collection of Portuguese popular art, traditional books on the Algarve culture (gastronomy, architecture and popular art), as well as musical gems in the form of records and LP's.

The kitchen is a separate chapter in this story. It is the place where even those who do not have much cooking skills, find inspiration. Books of the most varied culinary themes divide the shelf with traditional crockery and collections of old kitchen vessels. This happens because of the appreciation and vast gastronomic knowledge of Aida Simões, Mr. Jose's wife.

Other decorative elements were filled with the talent of Miguel Simões, Mr. José’s son, through photographs and drawings. The house is a good example of Algarve popular and vernacular rural architecture. Lime, wood, stone and terracotta are the traditional materials we can still experience. The almost virtual absence of decorative elements drives us to a time and to a society where there was no place for the superfluous. 

A small ecological footprint Keeping in mind the water is a scarce good, rain water that is captured in a 300 square meter "eirado" and stocked in a underground cistern is used for domestic consumption (i.e., tap water). We only have 120 cubic-meters of water to spend the year. The water is automatically pumped to the house, being previously filtered and UV sterilized. The orchard surrounding the house is watered using a drip irrigation system from a surface tank (used as a swimming pool) that receives potable water from a well.

Electricity is the only energy used at home, excepting two stoves that use the wood from the land cleaning. All the illumination was planned for economy: the photovoltaic system produces "clean" energy in amounts higher than consumption. To avoid energy waste, the original 50 cm thick walls were maintained but now all windows are double glazed. The 400-liter deposit with water heated by solar panels supplies the hot water for the house.

Biodiversity As an effort to preserve regional biodiversity, the surrounding land of the Eirado was conceived to preserve local varieties of almond, fig, plum and carob trees. If you are a fresh food enthusiast, in season, apricots, plums, grapes, mulberries, citrus, pomegranates and quinces are also available right at your fingertips. A poultry pen is kept at one of the edges of the estate with chicken, ducks and turkeys that are daily cared for by the estate owner and his family.

Before the renovation

After the renovation

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