OUTPOST – Casa das Arribas

When we came across the website of OUTPOST – Casa das Arribas, we were pretty much speechless. It looked like someone went into our head and just built our dream house by the sea. OUTPOST – Casa das Arribas stands proudly on the cliffs just outside the village of Azenhas do Mar overlooking the coast from Cabo de Roca to Ericeira. It’s only 45min away from Lisboa and the airport.

As you all probably have noticed, we specially love the mix of luxury and private space. We enjoy outstanding Design but also like native places. It’s very important to us to feel at home while away from home. OUTPOST – Casa das Arribas Seems to promise all of that. At the moment they offer seven serviced holiday apartments distributed around the property. Each apartment has its own character, dimensions and features. They all share the vast garden, the pool, the tennis court - and the ocean views.

OUTPOST – Casa das Arribas was built in the 1940ies as a family estate by re-known Portuguese architect Raul Lino. The owner carefully renovated the buildings upgrading to modern standards. Specially the remained Portuguese touch caught our attention: the façade with stone elements, the traditional Portuguese floors and handcrafted interior pieces.

On a foggy morning

When the sun comes out

We arrived at OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas on a grey day and enjoyed on the next two day beautiful sunny weather. For us it was the perfect mix. We saw the estate's beauty in two different scenarios. As we love the ocean no matter how the weather might be, staying at OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas was so far a unique place to stay. We never stayed that close to the rough sea on mainland Portugal. Normally, the beautiful small hotels are on the countryside, always some car minutes away from the ocean and the beaches. We enjoyed some walks along the coast and on the beaches nearby.

Our Pool House Apartment on a gray day

On a sunny day - the view from the ocean to the house

View from the garden to the Ocean

The newly renovated Pool House was our home during our stay. It's perfect for a couple and offers you the privacy of an own vacation house. You can enjoy your dinner or breakfast outside on the private terrace. What amazed us the most was that we could lie in bed and hear the waves break. We decided to test the breakfast as it's not included in the price (15 Euros per person). In our opinion it does not compensate to order this extra. Just about 7 minutes by car you have a cute little store with many healthy products. It's cheaper to buy your breakfast there. This is the only thing that we have to criticize.

The interior is reduced to simplicity and plays with Portuguese materials and details that the estate already had before the renovation. Specially the Ocean Saloon Apartment has some beautiful details as for example the green tiles in the big bedroom - we loved them! The owner decorated all the apartments with Portuguese design and handcraft. In our Pool house you can enjoy a bath after surfing in a free-standing bathtub made of Mahogony wood of 100-year old wine barrels while in winter the fire place and the central heating keeps your apartment warm.

We enjoyed our last days in Portugal to the fullest and wish to come back soon. Thank you for having us OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas.

Apartment Pool House

Apartment Ocean Saloon

View from the tennis court when the sun goes down


Praia da Aguda

Pool in Azenhas do Mar

Most beautiful sunset just in front of OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas (no filter, no editing)

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