Casa 1876

I'm so happy to see how Algarve is developing. Once it used to be known for golf resorts and massive tourism in summer. While it still is a great destination for golf and yes it gets really crowded in July, August, it also is a wonderful place in winter. The calmness, empty beaches and green landscapes are simply magical. Slowly some of the smaller rental farmhouses, bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels are trying to stay opened all year round. Some years ago, you had two choices: stay in a big hotel nearby the west coast or rent a more or less old house with no luxury at all in the rural region. Nowadays, you have beautiful farmhouses or rental homes with stylish and yet traditional interiors. You can even in summer enjoy a private and calm vacation far away from tourists.

While everyone has discovered the east coast by now (for example Tavira and Olhão), there is still a region that is very calm but beautiful and authentic. It's where I was raised my first six years and where my parents live now. Around Loulé, São Bras and Santa Barbara you'll find peace and the most friendly hosts. We already presented some of them to you as for example Farmhouse of the Palms or Casa Brava. There is a new place opening in spring 2019 that we will for sure book sometime next year – Casa 1876.

Casa 1876 is a holiday home in rural Algarve surrounded by beautiful olive and carroub trees. I love how they renovated the old house with great taste in simplicity, traditional handcraft and contemporary design. Once again, there are these amazing terracotta floors and shades of white. I specially love the outdoor kitchen and can already imagine our family cooking and sitting there in a chilly spring or autumn evening. And the best part is, Casa 1876 is situated in Corotelo, about 3 minutes away from my parents!

See you soon in Algarve,


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