Capela do Monte – Lagos

When Mike and I decided to get married and only invite 13 people, we knew that the ceremony would have to be in a very tiny chapel in a very special place. We decided to get married in September in Zermatt. It's one of our favorite places to hike in Switzerland. People keep asking us why we don't do it in Portugal. Well, there's one big reason, I'm the worst wedding planer on earth. I never wanted to get married in a traditional big way. Now, I am but in a small traditional way. The logistics and planning would have been too time consuming for me and to be honest, I don't want our wedding to be planed to every single detail (I know, does not sound like me at all, but somehow I just don't want that for our wedding).

This is quite a long introduction to this post but explains why I've made an article about a chapel last week and why I'm doing it again this week. I did research a bit about Portuguese chapels. And normally they are dark, heavy and smelly. But only this week, I found this amazing recent work by Álvaro Siza - wow! The chapel called Capela do Monte is situated in Lagos, Algarve. Its simplicity enclosed by the nature of Algarve is beautiful. I further love the light interior with all its pure but yet traditional materials: tiles and wood.

So, if you like architecture like I do and you're in for another kind of sightseeing, then you should definitely pass by Capela do Monte.

More about this project here.

Pictures by João Morgado