Bolo Rainha

Welcome to our last Portuguese Christmas recipe! Our forth recipe is a very traditional one. It's actually the Three King's Cake but in Portugal we already serve it for Christmas. Vanda and her aunt baked a very special one for us this year: Queen's Cake. I personally prefer this one, because it has less of those dried and candied fruits. Instead there are a some tasty nuts in it - yummy!

We hope you had a wonderful festive season so far and that you might have baked one or two of our recipes. Stay tuned, because Vanda and I will keep collaborating and sharing with you more Portuguese recipes in 2019!

We wish you a merry Christmas with your beloved ones and all the best for 2019.


Liliana & Vanda


500 g flour pinch of salt 2 eggs 150 g sugar 100 g butter, melted 40 g fresh baker’s yeast (block yeast) 150 ml milk 1 shot glass of aguardente (brandy) and 1 shot glass of your favorite vinho do porto 1 orange (zest) 50 g chopped walnuts 50 g pine-nuts 50 slivered almonds 50 dark raisins 50 golden raisins Gila (pumpkin jam) or quince jelly to brush the top Egg yolk wash to brush the top before baking Powdered sugar or granulated sugar for sprinkling on top a small amount of the nuts to decorate the top of the bread


  1. Mix the nuts and raisins in a bowl and add the aguardente (brandy) and the vinho do porto

  2. Heat up slowly the milk, crumble in the yeast and mix it.

  3. Beat the eggs and add the melted butter (cooled butter), along with the yeast.

  4. Mix the flour and salt, orange zest and sugar in a large bowl, mix well.

  5. Add the egg/yeast mixture and knead everything into a dough.

  6. Fold the nuts and raisins into the dough. Cover with a towel and put in a warm area to let the dough rise, about three hours.

  7. Form the dough into a wreath, brush with the egg yolk wash and decorate with the remaining nuts.

  8. Preheat the oven to 180º C.

  9. Let the wreath rise for 30 min.

  10. Brush with the gila jam or quince jelly (or orange marmalade) and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

  11. Bake the wreath for 30-40 min.

Pictures and recipe by Vanda Scazzari and her aunt