Beatriz Jardinha – Jewelry that makes you dream

Normally, I tend to buy delicate, subtle jewelry. Maybe because I feel like that the «big» ones put me out there too much. But you know what, I feel like this year we all have been hiding enough at home from COVID-19. It's time to feel pretty inside and outside without shame, it's time to celebrate life like never before. With Christmas coming around the corner, it's also time to think about presents. And why not give yourself a present?

I've been looking for another meaningful piece of jewelry for some time now. Beatriz Jardinha's creations make me dream of magical moments. I love the shapes and mystic as well as galactic touch. Her pieces are different, they make you feel unique.

"Jewelry can be big, bold and powerful but it needs not be intimidating."

Beatriz Jardinha is a free-spirit and wanderer at heart and her pieces express that. I'm very happy to share with you my favorite pieces of her very first collection. Get inspired!

Take care,







Pictures: Beatriz Jardinha