Be Aromatic

This year I discovered the most tasteful organic teas I’ve ever had. They are from Be Aromatic, Évora.

Be Aromatic is dedicated to the organic production and commercialization of aromatic plants and medicinal products. Featuring 3 hectares of planted area, the fields of Quinta dos Choupos contemplate a diversified supply of fresh and dried plants on the basis of great respect for the environment and the use of sustainable agricultural practices.

Be Aromatic team


Be Aromatic works almost every stage of the process manually. This guarantees an excellent quality and control of the product. From harvesting, drying and subsequent packing, the product is handled with the utmost care and rigor to keep all characteristics and properties.

We are very happy to have our favorite flavours Lemongrass and Lemon Verbena now in our online boutique.

Pictures of process and landscape © Be Aromatic

Product shots © Taste of Portugal