BANEMA studio & BANEMA lab – Lisboa

Banema, one of the most important Portuguese companies in wood products and derivatives, has decided to open its first concept store, Banema Studio, in the Portuguese capital. It is based, since September 2020, at 27 Rua Coelho da Rocha in Campo de Ourique, one of Lisbon’s most vibrant and emblematic neighbourhoods. On the same premises can be found Banema Lab, an ideas laboratory that focuses on the origins of the

brand founded in 1964.

Similar in content but different in form, the concept of the new Banema Studio and Banema Lab follows the path developed in Porto, even though the way in which the space is interpreted and appropriated in Lisbon

is completely different from the former. The interior design by the architecture studio Campos Costa Arquitetos

breaks with expectations and symbiotically combines two concepts that are essentially opposed. While to the right Banema Lab is linear and objective in appearance, Banema Studio in contrast is sinuous in form, allowing time to pause and contemplate the pieces exhibited from the entrance to the exit.

BANEMA studio

The depth, volumes, imposing colours and interplay of light and shadow reveal Campos Costa Arquitectos’ irreverent proposal for the new Lisbon concept store. The project essentially aims to create a multidisciplinary lab, a place for sharing ideas and a space for relaxing, drinking tea and coffee, and discovering work by designers, artisans, artists and products from different areas and origins.

Banema Studio presents design excellence though objects that combine formal balance with the finest materials in a contemporary and sophisticated ambience that also manages to be inviting. The timelessly beautiful pieces are able to transform spaces and produce unique sensations. This is a singular project in which the selection of each brand – some presented for the first time in Portugal – object, book, aroma, fabric and

artwork requires detailed curatorship and research. It also involves a vision that constantly tracks new trends and the best products made in Portugal and around the world in the areas of accessories, art, design, fragrances, lighting, lifestyle and furniture.


Created in Porto in 2016 – and in Lisbon in 2020 – the Banema Lab concept arose as a means to respond not just to the very specific needs of architects and interior designers but also to establish a closer relationship with the end customer. It is a creative laboratory supported by a huge library of materials from different and selected origins where inspiration and creativity coexist side by side and the products combine design, innovation, sustainability and wellbeing.

Banema Lab’s chief mission is to contribute to closer contacts between technical and creative experts and the general public to discover materials and new possibilities for their use and application. With the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team, and a portfolio rich in ideas and materials, the raison d’être of this space is essentially to find solutions for unique architectural and design projects. While Studio is a place to linger and discover special objects, Lab will be a vehicle to inform architects, interior designers, students and other professional and private clients about products and materials for use in

interiors, construction and rehabilitation, in addition to commercial aspects, training, seminars and conferences.

Visit BANEMA studio and BANEMA lab:

Rua Coelho da Rocha, 27 C

1250 - 087 Lisboa


Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday // 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 7pm

Sunday and Monday // Closed

Pictures © Francisco Nogueirra