BA.LA atelier de arquitectura

I have a fascination for rooms and atmospheres. We all know that there are places or spaces that attract us and others that don’t. Some call it Feng Shui others say it’s taste. I truly believe that each room has its own aura, even if naked. It makes sense as the walls and ceilings already are made out of a certain material. This particular material will have an effect on you.

However, it’s amazing how depending on the person who decorates it, he or she can totally change the atmosphere. I came across two projects by  BA.LA atelier that play very beautifully with atmosphere and space. 

One is an office and the other a private house. In both projects, the studio managed to bring in a warm and cosy atmosphere with a simple and flexible element: curtains. Furthermore, the materials and colours are in perfect harmony to each other.



The new headquarters for PURE Lisbon is located on a reference building of the city facing one of its courtyards. A home feeling, creative, flexible and versatile space, was the starting point presented by the client for the genesis of this office.

Approaching the theme of voyeurism, associated to the metier of the company, and in order to create spaces that could be used in continuity or alternate association of different zones, the structuring element of the project came into scene: the curtains.

The introduction of the curtains allows the functional organisation, defining different environments, within an area of only 60 sqm. In addition to the curtain themed option, this element allows to feel the whole space or divide it into the predefined programmatic spaces: work area, meeting room, lounge and kitchenette.

The easy space mutation offers a dynamic way of inhabiting the office, valuing the connection with the outside in a free visual relation. The presence of a mirror wall enhances and brings natural light and the green of the pleasant courtyard garden to the interior.

The pre-existing elements were adapted and integrated in the design in order to have a cohesion of the space. The copper window frames give the motto for the color of the curtains. The birch plywood that defines, encloses and coats the volume of the new bathroom and kitchenette, also gives body to the designed furniture.

Colours, materials and selected lighting and furniture, seek compliance with the concept of “home” and with the graphic image of the company PURE, creating a cohesive space, of strong and unique language. 

Year: 2016 Location: Entrecampos, Lisboa Client: PURE

Photography: Francisco Nogueira



The project converted this apartment, uncharacteristic and outdated, into an apartment of exception, distinguished by its contemporary image and new functional organization compliant with the flexibility desired by the client.

A greater relation between the different spaces was achieved by creating and enhancing the visual axes along the apartment.

The living room at the lower floor becomes frankly related to the upper floor by removing the slab between floors. A mezzanine is created, and it performs as the linking space between the living room, now with a double height ceiling, and the bedroom located on the upper floor.

The use of the wood in the new build elements pursue, empirically, the comfort and environment of a beach house. These new elements juxtapose themselves to the pre-existing structure of the apartment, generating new relations between the spaces. The introduction of the curtain, as a scenic element, allows several spatial definitions and different ways of inhabiting the house, allowing a continuous and spontaneous process of transformation.

Year: 2017 - 2018 

Location: Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras 

Client: Private

Photography: Francisco Nogueira