Portugal at Dutch Design Week

There are projects that we simply adore following. One of those projects is "A Avó veio trabalhar". We already presented the project here. Therefore, it makes us so happy to hear that Avó Maria will be representing all creative and talented Portuguese grandmothers at the Dutch Design Week.

Grandmother Maria discovered the project three years ago. At that time, she was tired of sitting at home watching Portuguese TV shows and dust her home. She spent her first day at “A Avó veio trabalhar" very quiet in a corner knitting. And at the end of the day, she asked one of the project initiators if she can come back. Since that day she fell in love with the place and her work there, with the other grandmothers and all the daily challenges that she faces. She feels young again!

We are very proud of Maria (and the other grandmothers too of course) and that she can present her work at the Dutch Design Week! And if you like one of the little dolls attached to Maria on the picture, let us know via email: info@tasteofportugal.eu

A big thank you to the organization Fermenta for its great works.

Pictures © João Rocha