NAVE Curated Art

Discovering Portugal with us is a bit different than it might be with other travel blogs about Portugal. Sure, we also want you to see the most known places and sights. And we totally understand that when you're visiting Portugal for the first time, you don't want to miss them. However, we focus on also showing you a piece of daily Portuguese life or present to you things that locals might do.

On rainy days, yes that happens in Lisboa, there's a lot to do and visit too. We have great museums and galleries. One of them just opened in Principe Real: NAVE Curated Art.

NAVE, focused on an author framework as a place, promotes the artistic and multi-disciplinary combination in one space. Where design echoes by form, where architecture turns by trace, where art manifests itself vocally in every object, in every experience.

Owner and architect Mercedes Cerón, Picture © José Profírio

All the aesthetic and symbolic expressions that underlie it reflect the nature of the disciplines it houses and which, as a service, make NAVE a complementary structure where from architecture to design, from lighting to production, ideas converge towards the same goal – the one where Art materializes and leaves legacy at every step.

The exhibition agenda, renewed twice each quarter and curated by the owner and architect Mercedes Cerón, presents in September 19 to October 19 a fresh name in the panorama of the national art world: Branca Cuvier, a 34-year-old Lisbon artist with a background in drawing, painting and jewellery.

Branca Cuviert at NAVE from September 19 to October 18 with her exhibition Mother

In Mother, Branca Cuvier presents a set of unique pieces, created specially for NAVE. This exhibition is based on the exploration of the cell as a living and dynamic unit of a given organism; and how obstacles and other external actors can change this dynamic of constant movement. The artist highlights the dormant space between oppression and liberation through drawing, sculpture, video and masks.

Branca Cuvier, Picture © Francisco Nogueira


Travessa do Noronha, 11B

1250-096 Lisbon

Open on work days from 12 to 7pm and on Saturday from 3pm to 8pm

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Pictures: © NAVE