Portuguese Church Architecture

Some of you might know that I did some studies in architecture. Not for a long time but I still love to get lost in impressive buildings. What fascinates me most, is the mix of materials and specially the combination of old and new elements. At the moment, I'm all about old stone walls enclosed by bare concrete and warm wood. For me, a beautiful building is when the inner and outer space become one. I'm the happiest outside in nature but I also enjoy a cozy warm space.

I like simplicity but with contrasts. I'm not a big fan of too much white. What I also find very interesting, is when an architect can transform a space, of which people have an exact image of, in a totally new one. A good example is the St. Ovídos Chapel by Álvaro Siza (see pictures below). Churches where never places I liked to be at, specially the catholic ones. They somehow had this strong smell of being very old. Do you know what I mean? But the St. Ovídos Chapel makes me want to go to church every Sunday!

So, let's take a look at two special churches.

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St. Ovídos Chapel by Álvaro Siza

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Damião de Góis Museum, inside an old, restored church in Alenquer. Installation by spaceworkers.

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All pictures: © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG