Casa Brava – Loulé

There are two fascinating ways of bringing back memories, at least for me – scent and music. There are songs and smells that can bring back a moment in the past so vividly that you can experience exact the same happy or sad feelings again. There is one scent that I will never forget. It's the one when you step outside the airplane in Faro, Algarve. That light, salty, flowery and warm breeze will always make me remember where I come from. It's been a while since I flew to Faro, normally I just drive down the coast from Lisboa. So, I'm happy to have at least a bit of that scent t home thanks to Casa Brava!

Casa Brava is not only a bio vegan soap brand. It's a way of slow living. Julie and Marco are also very kind hosts of a B&B in mid-west Algarve and are passioned about the eco-friendly way of living. When we saw the pictures of Alex Reyto for Perfect Hideaway, we just wanted to pack our things and fly there. And we will for sure do that one day. The B&B is situated in a calm an peaceful region of Loulé and far away from tourists. And the beaches are only 15 min away by car.

I'm sure that after you've seen this amazing pictures, we will see you at Casa Brava soon.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday evening!