Monte da Palmeira

There is a place I very much want to visit. It's located nearby where I was born and where I've spent 6 years of my childhood, São Brás de Alportel. Monte da Palmeira promises to be a very calm and relaxing getaway. I know the region quite well and recommend it to everyone who wants to discover the Algarve and is looking for a relaxing and non touristy place. In São Brás do Alportel you'll still be mostly among Portuguese people. The restaurants nearby are the ones the locals would go to - they might not be fancy but instead very authentic.

Normally, when I go back, I stay at my parent's place and they are indeed my favorite cooks! So it's not that easy to give you any advice on restaurants in São Brás but I'll dig into that topic and will soon share some tips with you for sure!

Wishing you a lovely weekend


Pictures by Vasco Célio