ARCALO® Gonçalo Chair

Everyone who visited Lisboa and loves design must have noticed the beautiful chairs in the capital's cafés. The ARCALO® Gonçalo chair is almost a symbol of Lisboa and its lifestyle with all the cafés, traditions and culture. You'll see it in every café, at the famous 'miradouro' viewpoints and other outside spaces. This chair was born in Algés and Arcalo is actually the only producer of the original design. They shape the chairs with the same tube-bending machine since the 50's.

The chair is made out of high quality steel and available with anti-corrosion protection as well as stainless steel (recommended for professional uses). Even if the ARCALO® Gonçalo chair is mostly used outside, we absolutely adore it indoors too. Specially the black mat is our favorite and we're definitely having one in our home soon. There are many variations and colors. The souvenirs and corporate gifts shop Pois Selection by Caroline Filou Heukamp is an official partner of Arcalo and they have a great Portuguese selection.

See you soon on an ARCALO® Gonçalo chair in Lisboa for a pastel de nata and bica!


Chair available at Pois Selection

Pictures by Pois Selection