Furnas Boutique Hotel – Thermal & Spa

As mentioned before, we've never been to Azores. We simply want to share with you in advance our vacation route for the beautiful islands in June 2018. After our trip we'll update all the pictures (with our owns) and many more recommendations.

I have been dreaming of traveling to the Azores for a very long time. And finally we'll make it this year! As you probably have noticed, our trips are mostly a mix between cool design hotels and pure nature spots. There must always be one or the other. And when we can combine both, oh my! I definitely convinced Mike for the Azores when he realized that it's very similar to New Zealand (he's favorite place on earth, but only 5h of flight instead of 24h away). And when I showed him that there were some beautiful design hotels too... BINGO!

The Furnas Boutique Hotel is a design hotel in the hot spring area Furnas. We decided to stay here for our last 4 days. The hotel spa and hot springs promise a lot of relaxation and by car the whole island São Miguel is very easy to discover. Please note that they have a minimum stay of four nights. Actually, I don't like that. I'd rather spend two days there and other two days somewhere else. But another hotel we wanted to book at had the same rule (I'll present you that one soon too). So we decided to stay at Furnas Boutique Hotel anyway.

I hope, we can inspire you with your upcoming trip to Azores!

Wishing you a wonderful start into the week,


Pictures by Furnas Boutique Hotel