Ria Formosa – Natural Park in East Algarve

The name sounds already very promising – Ria Formosa (English: beautiful river channel). And it is indeed such a beautiful place! I've spent all my childhood summers in Algarve, where my mother comes from. We used to go to the beach on the east side of the Algarve because it's much better with children (long, sandy beaches and only very small waves). But it is only now that I realize how amazingly preserved nature is on this side. I hope it stays like this forever! The Ria Formosa was classified as a Natural Park in 1987 and is about 18 000 hectares big. It is protected by the sea by 5 barrier-islands and two peninsulas: Ilha de Faro (Peninsula of Ancão), Ilha Deserta (Barreta Island), Ilha Culatra with the lighthouse of Santa Maria, Ilha da Armona, Ilha de Tavira with a camping place, Ilha das Cabanas and Península de Cacela (the last two are my favorites).

For me, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the most amazing places of the Algarve. I'm fascinated by the variety of landscapes and birds passing by. It's a real paradise for birdwatcher. And therefore it has been elected as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal. I specially recommend to spend an afternoon at the beach Praia Cabanas de Tavira and afterwords enjoying the sun go down back in Cabanas overlooking the Ria Formosa. We love to afterwords put on something fancy and have dinner in Tavira (we love Aquasul, make reservation!).

So, what do you think? East Algarve for this year's summer vacation? I hope so!

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Ria Formosa in Cabanas de Tavira

Cacela Velha

Ria Formosa, picture by @beckyinportugal

Ria Formosa, picture by @beckyinportugal

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Breakfast at Farmhouse of the Palms

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