L'AND Vineyards

In June, we finally had the opportunity to visit the hotel L'AND Vineyards and to experience their gastronomic culture. Actually, we stayed at Monte do Freixo Poente. I recently wrote about this beautiful "Monte" here. This new accommodation is part of the L'AND Retreats brand – exclusive properties, designed to be authentic retreats integrated into nature, reflecting the perfect symbiosis between sober luxury, tranquility and comfort associated to the L’AND service. However, we had the chance to have a tour of the L'AND Vineyards hotel and take a glimpse at the Sky View Suite too and while our "Monte" was getting ready (as we arrived a bit prior check-in time), we also enjoyed the garden and L'AND pool.

L'AND also serves lunches at the restaurant next to the pool. It was delicious.

L´AND Vineyards is nestled on a stunning estate, surrounded by undulating hills, vineyards, cork trees and meandering pines. Located just outside of the picturesque village of Montemor-o-Novo, 1 hour from the Lisbon airport and 30 minutes from beautiful Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, more than a hotel, L´AND is an

exclusive retreat.

With only 22 suites surrounded by vineyards it integrates modern architecture by Promontorio, with interiors by renowned Brazilian architect - Márcio Kogan, into nature and breaths an atmosphere of quiet luxury. Both Promontórios and Kogan's inspiration is based on rural Alentejo and achieves a harmony between tradition of

the Alentejo plain and contemporary design. The decor is punctuated with stunning artworks by renowned artists such as Michael Biberstein.

A beautiful terrace for gathering friends and family.

Everyday at 5 pm you can taste their own vines at the wine bar for free if you're a guest of the hotel or their exclusive retreats.

All of the suites include a private terrace with an exquisite outdoor fireplace and outdoor rain shower, a large bathtub as well as a plunge pool located in a private patio. The 10 L'AND Sky View Suites allow for the absolutely unique experience of sleeping “under the stars” as a result of the existing natural skylight directly over the bed.

Sky View Suite (picture © L'AND Vineyards)

New chef and gastronomic culture

I grew up with two amazing cooks, my mother and father. We primarily ate traditional Portuguese food. I did not visit fancy restaurants or had exclusive cuisine until I was about 20 years old. But I have a very sensitive taste when it comes to high quality food. Bad food is just not an option for me!

Mike and I had the chance to try the new gastronomic culture at L'AND by their new chef José Tapadejo. I decided to leave my cellphone and photo camera at home because in my opinion taking food pictures at a Michelin Star restaurant is just wrong and ruins the experience. So, you won't see pictures of food here but I took one of the restaurant in the afternoon, beautiful!

We both loved the gastronomic experience from start to finish. As Mike doesn't eat fish, the chef changed the menu for him a little bit. We accompanied our dishes with the tasteful L'AND wine (white and red).

The award-winning Michelin-starred L'AND Vineyards restaurant is a meeting point for cultures and flavors. If until now one could experience a fusion of Alentejo and Asian cuisine, Chef José Tapadejo has brought with him his own interpretation. The new restaurant menus are based not only on his experience and life in the Alentejo but on the Chef’s experiences of life in Norway and are an invitation to embark on a gastronomic trip of Portuguese regional cuisine with some subtle Scandinavian influences.

Keeping the Alentejo cuisine as a base, region where the hotel is located, and continuing to use some of the spices from the East, Tapadejo emphasizes biological products, gives a new life to forgotten local roots, integrates some of the particularities of Castelo de Vide – his home land in the Alentejo – and applies new confection techniques, such as fermentation and smoking and pickling which he embraces from his experience in Norway. He carefully chooses local farmers and fishermen, thus guaranteeing a more authentic, genuine and best expressed Portuguese experience. Along with the dining consumption trends and new lifestyles which aim for a healthier cuisine, the Chef also created a totally vegetarian menu.

I warmly recommend a dinner at the L'AND restaurant if you're traveling with your partner, best friend, wife, husband or friend and want to enjoy a quiet, tasteful and exclusive food experience. But just to be mentioned, there was also a family with three children (about 1 to 10 years old) and the Chef cooked pasta for the little ones while the parents enjoyed the gastronomic experience.

About the Chef

From Castelo de Vide in Alentejo, José Tapadejo was born in the early nineties, within a traditional Alentejan family. He graduated from the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Portalegre (ESHTP) in Kitchen Management and Production, choosing L'AND Vineyards restaurant in Montemor-o-Novo to start his career. There he evolved becoming Sous-Chef. During this period, he also returned to ESHTP, this time as a teacher. In 2016 after a brief passage by S. Lourenço do Barrocal as Head Chef, he decided to go to Norway. The desire to travel and to discover new cultures, techniques and products, led him to accept an invitation to lead a kitchen in a in the fjords. For two years he was challenged with preparing Scandinavian cuisine with a Portuguese touch. In 2018 he returned to L'AND Vineyards Restaurant where he found the perfect environment to continue developing his work. In 2019, he was named Executive Chef.

More about L'AND Vineyards

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