Welcome to the Family – Soraia Martins

We're beyond excited to welcome a new member to the Taste of Portugal family - Soraia Martins! We asked Soraia to tell you a bit about yourself:

I was born in Aveiro, but moved to Lisbon in 2009 to pursue my dreams in the editorial & publishing world. Today I’m a writer and translator who sees Lisbon as her home, her heart, and where I found true love in a myriad of shapes and manners.

My first and foremost source of inspiration is people: there are so many amazing, remarkably creative people out there that there’s nothing more exciting to me than writing about them and their brands, projects, and dreams. A single conversation goes a long way, and I’m definitely the one to keep talking for hours and hours. I love to get to know their stories, what they’re made of, where they come from and where they’re ultimately going. I feel like all of this helps me grow as person and gives me freedom to explore who I am, too.

Magazines and food-related ventures are also a must in my everyday life, but also all things design, illustration, and architecture. I know, I find inspiration in way too many things.

The northern region of Portugal was always my go-to holiday destination with my family, but these last couple of years have brought me the overwhelming joy of the Algarve’s eastern region, where true happiness abounds.

Soraia will monthly write for you about people, brands and projects of Portugal. We feel very lucky to have her on board of our journey. So stay tuned for her first article coming out soon!

Wishing you a lovely start into the week,

Soraia and Liliana

Picture by Ana Morais (Anita dos 7 Ofícios)