Bem-vinda, Francisca!

We're beyond excited to reveal our new collaboration with Francisca Soares. Welcome to Taste of Portugal, Francisca! Since 2016, we've been sharing with you our travels through Portugal. We love to discover new pretty places. Some of you might have noticed that we aren't actually living in Portugal. We travel back and forth. My family is living in Lisboa, Alentejo and Algarve and we have wonderful friends all over Portugal. So we thought, why not include them in Taste of Portugal? One of our goals for 2018 is to give you not only our favorite travel tips but also to be one of the firsts to discover new places. Therefore, we decided to partner up with the wonderful Francisca Soares. We met her on one of our workshops we held in Lisboa about building up a brand. Francisca lives in Lisboa and will enrich our online magazine and inspire you with many new themes. Furthermore, it is very important for us to expand our themes in the online magazine. Sure, we will keep focusing on the beautiful things in Portuguese life. We'd like to present you Francisca with a little interview we did. But we'd like to invite you to get to know Francisca even better through her articles on Taste of Portugal. We're sure, you'll love her! Oh and one more thing (specially for our Portuguese readers), Francisca will write in Portuguese – YAY! No worries, we'll have an English summary for all non-Portuguese-speakers.

Enjoy reading and have a great start into the week,


Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Born and raised in Lisbon, I’ve been living in this beautiful city almost all my life. Ten years ago I lived for one year in Barcelona, a dear city where I also feel at home. I love to go back there whenever I can, but Lisbon is definitely the place I’ll always come back to.

What or who inspires you?

Actually, I search for inspiration everywhere. This may sound a little ‘cliché’, but the truth is that I’m very curious and I’m always eager to learn more about the things I read, the people I meet and the places I go. I can find inspiration in a magazine (I love Flow, Milk, Kinfolk), in a book, in a quote or a food pic I saw on Instagram, in a song, in my travels or even playing with my son on the floor. This is one of the things I enjoy most doing lately, so definitely my kid is a great inspiration for me!

Where do we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

Before becoming a mom, you’d probably find me just chilling on the couch after partying all weekend (aha!). Nowadays, you’re more likely to find me at a playground, a museum, walking by the river or even doing some grocery shopping for the week.

Your favorite spring vacation spot for families in Portugal?

I love Costa Alentejana but we usually go there during the summer, when the weather is warmer. Algarve is a nice option, since it shouldn’t be as crowded as it is during the peak season (June to September) and it definitely has the good weather and really nice beaches. My favorite places are Tavira and the area between Lagos and Sagres. If you’re more into wine, farmhouses and beautiful scenic views, then I would recommend the amazing Douro region and Porto, in the north of Portugal.

Where in Lisboa do you go to find peace and gain energy?

During the week, I leave home early in the morning to take my son to school and most of the days I try to walk there. It’s about 20 minutes walking and I really enjoy the stroll. I also love to go to my yoga and pilates classes at the gym, which is located in the middle of a park so this happens to be a pretty relaxing routine. There is also this place where I don’t go very often but for some reason find very special. It’s a viewpoint (miradouro) between Principe Real and Chiado called São Pedro de Alcântara. In the last years it has become very busy with all the tuk tuks and little markets, but the view up there is still one of my favorites.

What will you talk about on Taste of Portugal?

I’ll talk about new hotspots, brands I like, people I meet, and generally about life in Lisbon as a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to share a family recipe, other times I might be writing about ideas for activities with kids or my favorite addresses in a neighborhood I like.

Which dream do you passionately wish to come true one day?

I have many many dreams - I think it’s safe to say I’m a dreamer! But there are two things I hope that will come true one day. One is taking a big trip around the world with my husband and kids, with freedom to explore and to come back only when we get tired of it (will we?!). The other one is to buy a little property maybe in Alentejo, near the sea, and build a house for our family with a garden where I can grow vegetables and lots of space outside to enjoy the nature.

One last question, describe Portugal in three words.

Vibrant, cozy, home.

Muito obrigada Francisca, we're so so so happy to have you with us!

Pictures by Francisca Soares