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As you all know, we love to discover a place with local guidance. And this is one of our main goals for 2018 – to bring to you even more local tips for your travels in Portugal. So it can't be a coincidence that Margarida Girão wrote us last week, presenting her recent project in Lisboa: a collage workshop that promises lots of fun and a different way of discover a city. Margarida Girão is a visual artist. Her collage artwork has been featured in publications such as WIRED UK and VOGUE China. The workshops are held in PANDO, Graça. PANDO is the atelier of eight female artists currently based in Lisboa. We love the idea and we never heard of such an experience. So therefore we decided to talk to Margarida and get to know her a little bit. And next time we're in Lisboa, we will for sure want to have that workshop experience!

Enjoy reading the interview. You'll get to know a very colorful and joyful person, promised!

See you soon in Lisboa, hopefully!

Beauty Composition

How and when did you find your passion for the collage art? At the age of 11, I started cutting images from magazines and newspapers and this was the beginning of my career. I did not know how to draw so I did collage. At that time, I already knew I that I wanted to be a visual artist and a war correspondent when I grow up. I was communicating through collage, even if I didn't know. Due to a mistake, I believe it was God's hand, I could not get into Journalism and I ended up studying Multimedia. Here I started having some notions of Design, although I did not specifically study this discipline. I finished my degree and embraced WebDesign as a career. I had already forgotten about the collage world. But a few years later, I do not remember why, I started doing collage again and since then I have not stopped. Communication will always be my ignition: writing, collage art and performance.

What does inspire you?

Emotions.I don't do a collage artwork without music. I need to get that motivation that music gives us. I also dream with my eyes open while doing the collage and from that I also get good vibes. Of course, this only works when I am doing a personal project. When I illustrate for a client, I can't be daydreaming. Who's your favorite artist?

I don't have any. It's like music. I don't have any song that I like the most. And I'm too bad at memorizing names. I keep the works of other authors in a folder dedicated to inspiration, and sometimes I want to remember theirs names but it's impossible. Where do you come from, where did you grow up?

My youth was passed in a little village of Portugal – Sertã. I was a typical introspective child. School, catechism and scouting were my leisure activities. No cinema. No theater. No whatever. From school and catechism I enjoyed the socializing, and from scouting, true to be told, I didn't like anything. At age 17, I went to study in Coimbra and made the university in Aveiro. I only came to Lisbon at my 30ies. Which are the biggest challenges as an artist in Portugal?

Being respected and paid correctly for the work that we do. It is not uncommon to be contacted to do a job and the proposed payment is the promotion that the client thinks I will have with the work. My answer is just one: no. And if all the designers and artists would answer the same, the clients would learn how we work and know how to make adequate proposals. Your favorite spot in Lisboa?

Where I live – Graça. Despite the tourism massification, this neighborhood still has the traditional shops where I buy the best fruits and vegetables. Sometimes the coffee employee offers us a pastel de nata (typical Portuguese sweet tart) just because we are nice and pretty (bis smile). Graça has some of the most spectacular views in Lisbon. It is not a poor and not rich neighborhood. It's in the middle. How I like it. Most inspiring person you know?

I do not have one, but several. They are friends or work colleagues. Some I just met a few times, but however, they made me question my thoughts, opinions and behaviors. In most of the cases, they do not even know that they influenced me for the better. I love genuine people. I respect those who are determined in working for their dreams and those who think with their own brains. Brave ones! These are the ones that inspire me and I'm grateful for them!

Illustration for Vogue China

Portugal Fashion

Collage workshop in Lisboa

Collage workshop in Lisboa

Margarida Girão

Collage workshop in Lisboa

Beauty Composition

Collage workshop in Lisboa

Illustration for Marco Aurélio Meditations's book, Cultura Editora

Normal is boring and that's why Margarida makes the most funniest flyers for her workshops. We love it!

All collages by Margarida Girão

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