Benamôr – Skincare from Lisboa

The scents of all Benamôr products are amazing. I specially love the newest one "Jacarandá". It's like rubbing Lisboa on your skin. If you ever visited Lisboa in spring, you'll know what I mean. The Jacarandá is Lisboa's iconic tree and its lilac bloom makes the city even prettier.

Benamôr was founded 1925 in Lisbon by a pharmacist who created miraculous ointments at Campo Grande nº189. He only used natural ingredients and all his recipes were handmade. Packaged in lovely art deco tubes, Benamôr instantly became very famous. Some recipes remain unchanged as for example the Benamôr Créme de Rosto (face cream). This shows how revolutionary his work was. Even Queen Amélie was a faithful client of Benamôr.

Let's travel to Lisboa with Banamôr or bring back home a bit of Lisboa with their well scented creams.

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