Bring Yourself – Yoga in Porto

When in Porto last weekend, I had the pleasure to join Thiago Duarte at his yoga studio BRING YOURSELF in Porto. The studio belongs to Armazém Luxury Housing. The makers Thiago and Fernanda wanted to integrate the yoga philosophy into their hotel concept and to offer the yoga practice to their guests but also to everyone visiting and living in Porto. When you walk into Armazém Luxury Housing, you automatically feel relaxed. It seems like all the busy city vibes are suddenly gone.

I'm very picky when it comes to my yoga practice. I do yoga to find inner peace and happiness, to feel healthy but also to discover what's really in me. Everyone has so many hidden potentials and positive energy. Sometimes, it's just hard to bring it to life when everything around you gets messy and stressful. Therefore, my yoga practice needs constant change. On cloudy days I prefer to pamper myself with gentle movements, meditation or to simply lay down and deeply breath in and out. On brighter days, I like to challenge myself, get physical and sweat. Thiago Duarte goes along with you and your emotional well-being. During class he observes and talks to you. He will never force you to do something just because he had it planed for the class. His teaching method is very personal.

I enjoyed our class together very much and learned new things about my body and mind. Next time when I'm in Porto, I will join BRING YOURSELF for a Yoga lesson again for sure.

Muito obrigada Thiago!



Pictures: Armazém Luxury Housing

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