Fruta Feia – Beautiful People eat ugly Fruit

This September, I participated at the event Oh Deer! Solum from A Sociedade and met so many great and kind people. I learned a lot about our precious element 'soil'. If we don't take good care of our soil, one of the most important goods of yours, will be seriously affected: the food. At Oh Deer! Solum I learned a lot about how to take care of the soil and how that will influence our daily lives. One of the wonderful presenters was Joana from Fruta Feia. We really love the concept.

Fruta Feia's main goal is to reduce food waste and the unnecessary use of resources for their production (e.g. water, arable land ad energy). Tons of good quality food are thrown back to the land by farmers every year. By changing consumption patterns, this project intends that all quality fruits and vegetables are marketed equally in the future, regardless of their size, colour and shape.

Fruta Feia started locally in Lisboa and is being successfully implemented in other Portuguese cities. Congratulations to the team and keep doing world changing work!

Watch the movie to learn more about this very important project.

Wishing you all a healthy meal,


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